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Swiss Education Excellence | Online Branding Course Brand Like a Boss Academy | Ultrabrand





Brand Development Course

Become a certified brand architect. At your own pace.


Ultrabrand is a Swiss brand identity agency specializing in transformative corporate branding strategies.

From brand positioning and values that drive innovation and business growth to creating premium brand identities, we serve clients worldwide in all sectors.

Branding agency.

We believe that it's not about looking different, it's about being unique. And being in a position to prove it. Discover Open Positioning and magnify the unique essence of your business.

Transformative Corporate Branding Strategies | Swiss Brand Identity Agency | Ultrabrand

Expert brand development.

Magnify your enterprise with premium brand development services, tailored to create iconic brand identities.

Creating Iconic Brand Identities | Expert Brand Development Agency | Ultrabrand
Raise Your Company's Market Position and Valuation With Targeted Brand Planning Strategies | Strategic Branding Agency | Ultrabrand

Strategic brand planning.

Raise your company's market position and valuation with targeted brand planning strategies, designed to optimize growth and investor appeal.

Dual branding: transformative leadership and corporate strategy.

Harness the power of dual branding to project your vision and inspire your business.

Dual Branding | Transformative CEO Branding and Corporate Strategy | Ultrabrand Strategic Branding Agency
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