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Become a certified brand architect. At your own pace.

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Brand Master

This is the complete course that will put you on top with elite brand architects. Join our interactive curriculum designed by an award-winning brand strategist.


The curriculum.

Achieve brand mastery with an MBA-level curriculum designed by an awarded brand strategist. Learn 53+ key strategic and creative skills spanning 7 in-depth modules, each tailored to teach you everything you will ever need to know about brand development. 

Online Brand Management Course | Brand Master | Ultrabrand
Online Brand Management Course | Brand Master | Ultrabrand

Real-life application.

Interactive exercises and downloadable templates will help you to address real-life branding challenges all along the course. You also get access to our private group where you can meet and exchange with all participants and alumni.


Awarded brand expert.

Instructor Manelik Sfez, a celebrated brand strategist and educator, brings 25 years of international business, marketing and brand design experience, both on the client and on the agency side, to the classroom.

Brands Manelik has worked with during his career include Cartier, Piaget, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Valentino, Gucci, Montblanc, L'Oréal Luxe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Max Mara, H&M, Zara, and many more.

Brand Development Course | Brand Master | Ultrabrand
Manelik Sfez | 2023 Entrepreneurship Award | EU Business School

Manelik Sfez receives the 2023 Entrepreneurship Award in Geneva from EU Business School's managing director (right) and Adolf Ogi, the former President of Switzerland (left).

Online Brand Management Course | Brand Master | Ultrabrand

Who is it for?

Brand Master is the perfect course for anyone eager to master the art of brand development, regardless of your industry or sector. Our course is tailored specifically for:

  1. Professionals Seeking More: If you feel your formal education left gaps in understanding brand strategies and development, Brand Master fills those gaps with practical, impactful knowledge.

  2. Marketers and Designers Aiming Higher: Ready to take your career to the next level? This course will equip you with the skills needed to excel in brand development, setting you apart in the branding field.

  3. Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders: Understand the nuances of brand identity and development to ensure your business stands out. Brand Master helps you craft a compelling brand that resonates even in the most competitive markets.


7 modules and 53 top skills for brand mastery.

Every module in Brand Master is designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a deep understanding of strategic and creative brand development.


Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing skills, the course gives you the tools, insights, and practical exercises to achieve mastery in brand identity and brand development.

Module 1: Project Preparation

Learn how to lay the foundation for a successful branding strategy and gather essential information to understand the brand's history, analyze the target audience and competitors, and set up a reference brand.

Module 1: Project Preparation
  • Skill 1: Initial Information Gathering

  • Skill 2: Reference File

  • Skill 3: Brand History

  • Skill 4: Target Audience Analysis

  • Skill 5: Competitor Analysis

  • Skill 6: Brand Analysis

  • Skill 7: Reference Brand

Module 2: Brand Core

Establish a solid brand strategy platform by defining the brand's positioning, values, attributes, voice, and persona. This part ensures your brand's core elements are aligned and consistent.

Module 2: Brand Core
  • Skill 8: Strategy Platform

  • Skill 9: Brand Positioning

  • Skill 10: Brand Values

  • Skill 11: Brand Attributes

  • Skill 12: Brand Voice

  • Skill 13: Brand Lexicon

  • Skill 14: Brand Motto

  • Skill 15: Brand Persona

  • Skill 16: Brand Psychology & Culture

  • Skill 17: Brand Name

  • Skill 18: Brand Key Messages

  • Skill 19: Brand Story

  • Skill 20: Brand Core Alignment

Module 3: Product Core

Structure your product or service portfolio, define features and benefits, and create strong product positioning and messaging to differentiate your offerings in the market.

Module 3: Product Core
  • Skill 21: Brand Architecture

  • Skill 22: Product Features

  • Skill 23: Product Benefits

  • Skill 24: Product Positioning

  • Skill 25: Product Names

  • Skill 26: Product Key Messages

  • Skill 27: Product Stories

  • Skill 28: Product Taglines

  • Skill 29: Product Core Alignment

Module 4: Master Branding

Learn how to create a cohesive and impactful visual identity for your brand. This part covers brand color, imagery, logo design, palette, fonts, and even audio branding.

Module 4: Master Branding
  • Skill 30: Brand Color

  • Skill 31: Brand Imagery

  • Skill 32: Brand Logo

  • Skill 33: Brand Palette

  • Skill 34: Brand Fonts

  • Skill 35: Brand Audio

Module 5: Product Branding

Differentiate product lines and ensure consistent visual presentation across all products. This part covers color coding, product logos, and product imagery.

Module 5: Product Branding
  • Skill 36: Color Coding

  • Skill 37: Product Logos

  • Skill 38: Product Imagery

Module 6: Brand Templates

Create and maintain consistent brand assets for marketing and communications. This part includes templates for stationery, collateral, web pages, presentations, and more.

Module 6: Brand Templates
  • Skill 39: Stationery

  • Skill 40: Collateral

  • Skill 41: Web Pages

  • Skill 42: Presentations

  • Skill 43: Adverts

  • Skill 44: Packaging

  • Skill 45: Social Media Accounts

  • Skill 46: Social Media Publications

  • Skill 47: Infographics

  • Skill 48: Merchandising

Online Brand Management Course | Brand Master | Ultrabrand
Module 7: Brand Implementation

Effectively implement the new brand across all touchpoints. This part covers preparation and planning, choosing an implementation strategy, internal communication and training, and monitoring and evaluation.

Module 7: Brand Implementation
  • Skill 49: Preparation and Planning

  • Skill 50: Choosing the Implementation Strategy

  • Skill 51: Internal Communication and Training

  • Skill 52: Implementation Across Touchpoints

  • Skill 53: Monitoring and Evaluation


Business-proof knowledge.

The Brand Master curriculum is derived from the course material used in a prestigious MBA program in Geneva, and was enhanced and expanded for the creative part.


It offers depth and complexity in branding education, providing insights and tools that go deeper than business management programs and design education.

Online Brand Management Course | Brand Master | Ultrabrand
Swiss Education Excellence | Online Branding Course Brand Like a Boss Academy | Ultrabrand




Certification and resources.

Complete the course to receive a certificate and gain access to all templates, prompts, matrices, and tools for immediate application in your daily professional life.

Morgan J. – London

“Well, now I can say I studied in Switzerland... Joke apart, this course is exactly what I needed to up my game in branding and reach the skills level I always dreamed of."

Sophie E. – Boston

"The course was great and intense, but the best part is probably all the tools I gained! I'm using them every day in my job now and it makes a real difference. Thank you!"

Fadi K. – Jeddah

“I'm more into corporate branding and Brand Master helped me understand how the most successful brands like Apple and others developed and implemented a transformative vision. Great!”

Mali D. – Bangkok

“I finally get the difference between branding and marketing. I didn't want it to stop, it's the most inspiring and intense course I ever took."

Abdulai N. – Lagos

"The positioning part is an eye-opener. In a simple way, it shows how branding can trigger corporate transformation and innovation."

Adah B. – Mumbai

“Loved it. Brand Master goes deeper into branding than general business management courses do, which is the whole point.”




YOU SAVE $1,253!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What level will I reach after completing the course?

You will achieve a strategic level in brand management and creation from A to Z. This will enable you to operate at the C-suite level or work directly with a board of directors, a CMO, or a CEO.


You will be equipped to initiate, guide, and supervise all aspects of brand strategy and identity, both verbal and visual, from initial positioning to portfolio organization and implementation.


The course places a strong emphasis on corporate branding, making you a key player in corporate transformation projects, as well as in innovation and diversification efforts across any industry.


You will gain the skills to add substantial value to any organization, ensuring that your brand management expertise drives strategic initiatives and supports high-level decision-making.

What is the duration of the Brand Master course?

The course is designed to be flexible and self-paced. Most students complete it within 1 to 3 months.

Do I need any prior experience in branding to take this course?

No prior experience is required. The course is suitable for beginners and professionals.

What kind of support will I receive during the course?

You'll have access to a dedicated support team and a private interactive forum with other participants and the instructor.

Are there any live sessions or is the course entirely pre-recorded?

Because it is self-paced and designed to be as flexible as possible, the course consists primarily of pre-recorded modules.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes, you'll receive a signed certificate of capacity that details what you have learned and completed.

Can I access the course materials after completing the course?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all course materials, including future updates.

What makes this course unique?

Unlike typical business management courses, Brand Master dives deep into branding, offering an in-depth exploration of brand strategy and identity, derived from prestigious business schools in Geneva, Switzerland.

What makes this course different from other branding courses?

The Brand Master course offers an MBA-level curriculum, practical exercises, cutting-edge AI prompts, and exclusive tools for a comprehensive learning experience.

How do I enroll in the course?

Click the button below to enroll now or download the PDF course outline for more information.




YOU SAVE $1,253!
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