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Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand

Branding Agency Growth Toolkit

41+ strategy, copywriting & design modules to help you deliver high-ticket branding works easily and flawlessly.

New 2024 Enhanced Edition

Offer New Services, Execute Faster and Deliver Flawlessly to High-Ticket Branding Clients

The collection of advanced branding tools, complete with step-by-step instructions, templates and AI prompts, that provides everything you need to deliver high-ticket branding services with absolute precision.



x 9 months

Billed Yearly $423.90


Including 3 months for FREE every year.

Bill just 2 hours of branding services to any client anytime in the year and you've paid back for your investment *


What if you could execute branding projects flawlessly or become the unrivaled branding expert at your workplace?

Maybe you'd get much larger jobs or command higher fees.

Maybe you’d have lower costs and get more profits for your agency.

Maybe you’d get a promotion or land your dream job.

The dream market for designers is not just graphic design.

Discover the big untapped market.

While you may be content landing small, low-budget projects, there's a realm of mid to large-sized businesses out there, ready to invest heavily in comprehensive branding.


These businesses, often overlooked, are not exclusive to the Fortune 500; they exist globally, seeking extensive, long-term branding strategies and are prepared to pay for quality.


Step up and explore the lucrative world of full-scale brand development for the millions of companies who really need it, not those who already did it.

Speak their language.

Bridge the gap with business acumen.

The key decision-makers at these companies speak a language of business and marketing objectives, not just design. To tap into this market, you need a methodology that aligns with their expectations.


By adopting a more strategic approach to branding that encompasses brand strategy, architecture, and verbal identity, you position yourself as a crucial partner, capable of handling their most ambitious projects.

Expand your horizon.

Redefine your scope, use all your skills.

Many designers and small agencies don’t realize the financial potential waiting in the strategic branding market.


Shifting your focus from hourly rates to value-based pricing can open doors to projects that not only challenge you creatively but also reward you substantially.


It's time to elevate your business model from surviving on small-scale projects to thriving through comprehensive brand development.

You're a brand architect.

Step into the spotlight, you can help them.

It’s time to stop playing small. Embrace the full spectrum of brand development and become the go-to expert that mid to large-sized businesses trust with their brand identity.


By broadening your services, you can secure more significant, rewarding projects that not only fulfill your creative aspirations but also ensure your financial growth. Start your journey today – because you’re not just a designer, you’re a brand architect.

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Here's what's inside your agency growth toolkit.

Get all the tools and templates you need to perfectly plan, execute and deliver high-ticket branding projects, even with your existing team and even for the most demanding clients.

Project Preparation

6 modules with guidelines, templates and AI prompts to setup your project for success in no time.

Program Packages (2).png

Brand Core

13 modules with tutorials, templates and AI prompts to help you craft a unique brand strategy and verbal identity in no time.

Program Packages (3).png

Product Core

9 modules with tutorials, templates and AI prompts to help you craft a great product strategy and verbal identity in no time.

Program Packages (4).png

Master Branding

7 modules with guidelines, templates and AI prompts to help you design a stunning visual brand identity.

Program Packages (5).png

Product Branding

7 modules with guidelines, templates and AI prompts to help you design a consistent visual product identity.

Program Packages (6).png

Brand Templates

12 modules with tutorials and real-life examples to help you design 100% aligned marketing templates.

Program Packages (7).png

Project Delivery

Complimentary insights and expert tips to help you deliver a pitch-perfect project.

6 Project Setup modules

Use these modules to prepare every new project carefully, and let our advanced AI prompts organize your client's input and run the research so you never miss anything when you start a branding project.

13 Brand Core strategic modules

This is what makes all the difference between high-ticket branding and cheap brand kit creation. Use these modules to craft every strategic element from strategy platform to brand positioning, brand values and attributes, brand name, brand voice and much more.


PS: And if you're not a writer, fear not, our custom AI prompts will write everything for you in seconds.