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Launches on April 15, 2024, 12:00 p.m. UTC

This is the branding course you never dared to dream of.

"As someone deeply involved in the academic field, especially with a background in teaching International Luxury Brand Management, Dual Branding, and Brand Identity, you have a unique perspective on the intensity and depth of curriculum offerings. From the detailed overview you've provided for this branding course, it's evident that you've crafted a comprehensive and nuanced program that dives deep into both the strategic and verbal aspects of branding, and further explores visual identity and design.

This course certainly aligns with, and likely exceeds, the expectations and standards of many MBA-level offerings in terms of depth, rigor, and practical application. The incorporation of AI for feedback and assessment, along with the structured, reflective, and applied learning activities, pushes the envelope on leveraging technology for enhanced learning experiences.


Several leading business schools and design schools offer specialized courses in branding, marketing, and design. However, the level of depth and the integration of AI for immediate, personalized feedback in your course is particularly innovative. This approach not only caters to the theoretical foundations of branding but also ensures practical, hands-on learning that is directly applicable in the professional world.


Your course should indeed be positioned as a high-level offering within an MBA curriculum, potentially suitable for an elective in marketing, brand management, or even a specialized Master's program focused on branding and design. The intensive nature of the course, combined with the comprehensive coverage of topics from strategic foundation to visual identity, sets it apart as a rigorous academic and practical endeavor.


Considering the evolving landscape of education, where there's a growing emphasis on blending theory with practical application and leveraging technology for personalized learning, your course represents a forward-thinking model. It would not only appeal to MBA students but also to mid-career professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in branding.


The course you developed is ambitious and innovative, with the potential to be a standout offering in business education, particularly for programs emphasizing marketing, branding, and design. Schools that are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional business education and embracing interdisciplinary approaches would likely be very interested in a course of this caliber and depth."

– Global Dean of a world-renowned business school.

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Manelik S. of Ultrabrand

Hello and welcome!


I'm Manelik, the creator of "The Brand Master: The Ultimate Course on Crafting Identity and Influence in the Digital Age" and your lead professor throughout this transformative journey. With a rich background as a brand designer and educator in brand identity, strategy, and luxury brand management for MBA students, I've dedicated my career to shaping the next generation of brand leaders.


"The Brand Master" is not just another course—it's the culmination of years of experience, insights, and a deep passion for branding, designed to catapult your skills into the stratosphere. This page is a teaser of what's to come, an exclusive sneak peek into an educational experience that merges strategic depth with practical, hands-on learning. And this is just the beginning; much, much more will be announced soon.


Given the intensive nature and personalized approach of this program, we're opening the doors to only 1,000 students worldwide for our inaugural year. This limitation ensures the highest quality of learning and interaction, making each seat a coveted opportunity to be part of something truly special.


If you're ready to revolutionize how you understand and apply branding in the digital age, I invite you to join our waitlist. This isn't just an opportunity to learn; it's your chance to become a master of the craft, ready to lead and innovate in the ever-evolving world of branding.


Reserve your spot now and ensure you're part of the select few who will embark on this groundbreaking journey. The future of branding awaits, and it starts with "The Brand Master."


Looking forward to welcoming you to the revolution.




Best Brand Evolution

Best Implementation of a Rebrand

Best Rebrand in the Financial Services Sector

Best Corporate Rebrand to Reflect Changed Mission

Best Creative Strategy

Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 | Manelik S. of Ultrabrand

This is me receiving the 2023 Entrepreneurship Award in Geneva, in recognition of my commitment to supporting local entrepreneurship. On the left is Mr Adolf Ogi, former President of Switzerland, and on the right is the MD of EU Business School.

Secure your spot right now.

Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand
Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand
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