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Why Your Business Needs to Debrand too – The Art of Simplification

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the different branding options available? Does your company struggle to stand out in a sea of competitors? One solution could be to simplify your branding.

Many large companies, such as Kya, Klarna, and Pepsi-Cola, simplified their logos and branding, moving away from 3D designs. In this post, we will explore why this trend towards simplicity is gaining popularity and why it is beneficial for small and mid-size businesses too.

Adapting to The Digital Era

In today's digital age, simplicity is more effective than ever before. Consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information online, and they have less attention to give to each individual brand. By simplifying your logo and branding, you can make it more recognizable and easier to remember. Not only that, but you can reproduce it across different platforms, from social media to billboards, to make sure your brand stands out.

Embracing Versatility

Simplifying your branding also allows you to be more versatile. A simple logo can be adapted to different media and applications, which means your brand can reach a wider audience and create a bigger impact.

Choosing Simplicity

Simplicity can convey a sense of timelessness and sophistication that attracts potential customers. By keeping your logo and branding simple, it can make your business come across as more trustworthy and professional. Especially for mid-size businesses, being simple can give a sense of established and serious.

Conveying Sobriety

Simplicity can also help a business to focus on values and sustainability, rather than on making quick sales. By focusing on the values that drive your company and the impact it has on the environment and community, you can attract customers who share your values.

Reducing Costs

By simplifying your branding, a business can reduce costs while still creating a strong reputation. Traditional 3D branding designs and marketing campaigns can be expensive, and difficult to reproduce across different platforms. Simplifying your branding can help you concentrate on more important things that need attention.

Why You Should Debrand and Simplify Everything Too

Simplicity is a rising trend that many big brands are following, and it can benefit your business too. A simple logo can make your branding more recognizable, versatile, timeless, and cost-effective. It can show your business as established and sophisticated, and help you concentrate on values and sustainability. It can also attract a wider audience and create a strong reputation.

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