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Top tips to choose an impactful brand color.

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Before you decide on your logo or tagline, consider what your brand's dominant color will convey to your audience. People first identify colors, then shapes, and finally, they read words. Thus, your brand color is actually the most important aspect of your brand identity, even before the logo!

But choosing the right flagship brand color isn't just about aesthetics, trends or personal taste (not even your designer's one); it's about psychology and identification.

First, develop your brand's positioning, values, and attributes. This is because when selecting your brand color, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand’s position in the market; it matters significantly and you will see why below.

With this in mind, here’s how to select a color that not only stands out but also genuinely embody your brand’s identity and ethos.


Top Tips to Choose Impactful Brand Colors | Ultrabrand


The psychological impact of brand colors.

Brand colors do more than decorate; they communicate. The psychology behind color is complex because it's both culturally specific and personal. However, understanding general trends can guide your choices.

For instance, blue suggests reliability and professionalism, often used in finance and technology. Red, known for its intensity, is prevalent in industries driven by passion and excitement, such as food and sports.

A quick overview of color meanings.

Each color carries different meanings and can influence customer perception. Selecting the right shade can enhance recognition and foster brand loyalty.

- Blue: Trust, calm, and order

- Red: Passion, excitement, and danger

- Green: Growth, health, and tranquility

- Violet: Luxury, spirituality, and contemplation

- Black: Sophistication, formality, and mystery

- Orange: Creativity, fun, and youthfulness

- Yellow: Optimism, attention-grabbing, and energy

Top Tips to Choose Impactful Brand Colors | Ultrabrand


Strategic color positioning.

Top tips to choose an impactful brand color.

Your brand’s color should reflect its positioning and aspirations and occupy a legitimate position both in the market and in the minds of your audience. Below, I give you three strategies to consider when selecting your brand’s primary color.


Route # 1: Integration.

Integrating your brand’s color with the dominant hue of your industry can solidify its belonging while distinguishing it through nuance. However, if you’re a dominant brand in your market (in terms of size, most often), you might want to adopt black and red to signify your leadership.

For example, in a financial sector dominated by blue tones, the Swiss banking leader UBS stands out by opting for distinctive black and red, demonstrating leadership in the industry.

Top Tips to Choose Impactful Brand Colors | Ultrabrand


Route # 2: Revolution.

If your brand aims to challenge the status quo, choosing a revolutionary color could be your answer. Complementary colors create high contrast and signify boldness. Orange’s choice in the telecommunications industry exemplifies this, as it breaks away from the conventional blue to signal innovation.

Top Tips to Choose Impactful Brand Colors | Ultrabrand


Route # 3: Rebellion.

For brands that resonate with independence and disruption, selecting an unconventional color can speak volumes. Starbucks, for example, uses green to differentiate itself in the coffee industry, which traditionally favors reds and browns, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Top Tips to Choose Impactful Brand Colors | Ultrabrand


Try it for yourself.

There you have them, my top tips to choose an impactful (and relevant) brand color. Remember that selecting the right brand colors is a strategic decision that can significantly influence how your brand is perceived.

Whether you choose to align with your industry standards, stand out as an innovator, or disrupt the market, your colors will communicate volumes before a single word is read.


Ready to pinpoint your perfect color?

Download our Strategic Color Positioning Model today and define the color that best represents your brand identity! You can get it for free here.


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