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Ultrabrand Strategic Branding & Business Transformation Consultancy.

Unlock Your Company's True Identity.

We work with those like us who have a hard time believing that a new logo will transform their business.

We delve deep into your company’s entrepreneurial roots to define its true essence, then help you consolidate and redeploy it into a unique and perfectly aligned growth strategy.

Our comprehensive approach to corporate identity and strategic branding is made to drive sustainable business growth.

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Business Transformation

With over 25 years of international business leadership, we transform your brand’s value, enhance your market position, and ensure long-term success.

Comprehensive Corporate Identity

We uncover your company's core values, mission, and vision to drive genuine business transformation.


Our strategic insights guide you in planning business strategies, developing new products, and achieving your goals.

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Strategic Branding

From redefining your mission to expanding into new markets with a clear innovation strategy, we create a scalable identity that sets your company apart. Our services includes market exit optimization and succession planning.

Corporate Identity Design

Defining your company’s essence, including its values, mission, vision, voice, and personality, and applying it to every aspect of your business.

Image by Matthew Jackson
Image by Matthew Jackson

Strategic Branding

Developing a clear, inspiring vision and growth plan. We create a strategic framework aligned with your company culture and unique entrepreneurial spark.

Business Transformation Consultancy

Providing strategic insights and innovative solutions for sustainable growth by refocusing on what makes your company unique, and expanding from there.

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Why Choose Us?

Deep Expertise

We uncover the true mission of companies and create unique identities integrated into every aspect of your business.

Integrated Vision

Our comprehensive understanding of branding, marketing, and business strategy ensures that your brand identity aligns with your overall corporate strategy.

Tangible Results

Our strategies lead to concrete outcomes like increased enterprise value, structured growth plans, and improved marketing.

Executive Insight

We deliver solutions that resonate at the highest levels, understanding the challenges of senior leadership.

Swiss Design Excellence

Rooted in Swiss design tradition, our approach includes elegance, conceptual strength, concision, and technical precision.

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Best Brand Evolution

Best Implementation of a Rebrand

Best Rebrand in Financial Services

Best Corporate Rebrand

Best Creative Strategy


Ready to unlock your business’s true potential? Contact us today.

Empowering the Next Generation of Brand Managers

We are dedicated to improving the skills of brand managers worldwide. We offer training, masterclasses, and online courses.

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Swiss Education Excellence | Online Branding Course Brand Like a Boss Academy | Ultrabrand





Brand Management Course

Become a certified brand architect. At your own pace.
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