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"Without strong brand values, a brand risks becoming directionless and losing its connection to its audience." - Simon Mainwaring

Effective brand values are not just abstract ideals; they are actionable behaviors and principles that a company commits to in order to fulfill its mission and uphold its positioning. These values guide every decision and action the brand takes, ensuring they are always aligned with the brand’s core identity and the promises it makes to its customers.


Brand values serve as a bridge between a brand's strategic platform—including its "Why" (mission or purpose) and "How" (unique approach or differentiators)—and its day-to-day operations. They are crucial in delivering on the brand's promise and maintaining its credibility and reputation among its target audience.


The adoption of concrete behaviors such as transparency in communication, excellence in customer service, innovation in product development, or sustainability in operations can build trust and loyalty. These behaviors should be identified and manifested in every aspect of the brand's messaging, interaction, and product offering.


A brand's values should differentiate it from competitors, resonating deeply with its audience and leaving a lasting impression. By living these values, a brand not only enhances its perceived value in the market but also fosters a genuine connection with its customers, employees, and the wider community.

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Using AI to define your Brand Values

Here is a prompt to develop your brand values with the help of an AI language model. Attach your updated Strategic Reference File as a PDF in ChatGPT 4, and then paste and run the prompt. Once you have the results, review them, and once satisfied, paste them in your Strategic Reference File.

Prompt Template

Objective: To devise a set of 3 to 5 actionable brand values that embody the behaviors the brand commits to in order to fulfill its mission and uphold its positioning strategy. These values should guide the brand's decisions and actions, making its identity tangible and reinforcing its credibility and reputation.




1. **Review Updated Brand Information PDF**: Start by reviewing the updated PDF document thoroughly, focusing on the brand's mission, vision, chosen positioning strategy (Why or How), and unique selling propositions. Understand the narrative that supports its positioning.


2. **Identify Actionable Behaviors**: Based on the brand's positioning strategy, pinpoint actionable behaviors that are essential to the brand. Consider the behaviors the brand must adopt to fulfill its mission, uphold its promises, and make a positive impact in its industry or community.


3. **Propose Actionable Brand Values**:

   - For a brand focused on its "Why" (purpose or mission): Suggest values that represent commitments to behaviors like community engagement, ethical business practices, or environmental stewardship.

   - For a brand focused on its "How" (unique capabilities or differentiators): Suggest values that reflect behaviors such as innovation in product design, excellence in customer service, or agility in adapting to market changes.


4. **Justify Each Proposed Value**: For each value, provide a justification explaining its connection to the brand's chosen positioning and how it embodies an actionable commitment. Describe how these values will be evidenced in the brand's decisions, actions, and communications.


5. **Ensure Cohesion and Differentiation**: Make sure the proposed values form a cohesive set that offers a holistic view of the brand's commitments. Also, ensure these values set the brand apart from its competitors, offering a distinctive proposition to the audience.


6. **Recommend Integration Strategies**: Finish with strategies for weaving these values into the fabric of the brand’s messaging, communications, and actions. Offer concrete examples of how the brand can demonstrate its values through its operations, marketing efforts, and interactions with customers and the community.


The aim is to establish a set of brand values that not only support the brand’s strategic positioning but are also deeply ingrained in its actions and practices, fostering trust, loyalty, and a strong, positive reputation over time.

Download this prompt.

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