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Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand

Think bigger. Brand smarter.

The ultimate strategic toolkit for winning and delivering high-ticket branding projects.


Unlock branding superpowers – Early bird access awaits!

⚠️ ATTENTION: This is not just another online course!


It's a life companion, a working toolkit for designers, copywriters and boutique agencies who want to upgrade their business and deliver powerful 360° branding solutions to high-ticket clients.

Read on, because this might very well change your professional life and business forever!

Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand

Ever feel like you're just one step behind?

🤔 Do you ever feel like the world of high-ticket branding is just beyond reach, no matter how hard you push your creative boundaries?


Are you constantly wondering how to make your designs not just seen but truly influential, transforming interest into action?


Or perhaps you're questioning how to stand out in a sea of talent, to not only attract but also retain high-value clients who see the worth in your work?


💥 The truth is, when it comes to growing your freelance or agency business and winning high-ticket branding clients, it's not just about good design or clever words.

It's about having the right mindset and skills, and, above all, wielding the right tools—tools that transform your approach from merely designing to strategically crafting brands in a 360° manner.

And with "Brand Like a Boss," you're not just learning; you're working and stepping into the arena as a formidable brand creator, equipped to:

Unravel the mystery behind flagship agencies’ high-ticket branding gigs.

Understand and outmaneuver competitors snatching clients although they charge higher fees.

Confidently justify your design choices to marketer clients, speaking their language of strategy beyond aesthetics.

Command the attention of CEOs and CMOs by aligning design solutions with their business goals.

Master the integration of strategic, visual and verbal facets of brand identity, becoming a holistic branding consultant.

Break free from the freelancer's small project cycle, positioning yourself for more significant, impactful engagements.

And, if you're working in an agency, why not get this long-awaited promotion because now you know more than everyone else about branding?

"Brand Like a Boss" is your roadmap to navigating and conquering these challenges, offering a daily resource for crafting brands with ease and producing client solutions with the precision typically reserved for the industry's elite.

Ultrabrand | Brand Like a Boss Online Program

Introducing your daily branding powerhouse.

"Brand Like a Boss" isn't another course. It's a dynamic, ever-evolving toolkit designed to be your daily companion in crafting compelling brand and product strategies, verbal identities, and visual designs. 🚀

Immediate Application: Use it daily as your go-to resource for client projects, seamlessly integrating into your workflow.​

Real-World Impact: Witness tangible improvements in your projects and elevate client satisfaction with outcomes that speak volumes.

Advanced Tools & AI Integration: Benefit from AI prompts for strategic articulation and organization, downloadable templates for thorough research, analysis, alignment, and decision-making, empowering you to execute complex brand strategy tasks effortlessly.

Six chapters, 41 how-to modules, and all strategic marketing AI prompts.

Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand

Real success, real tools: hear what your peers say

Our users aren't just satisfied; they're empowered. They're winning bigger clients and delivering groundbreaking work, all thanks to a toolkit that's as ambitious as they are. 🏆

"Let's be honest, I was struggling to really understand branding beyond graphics, and how the big players like Interbrand or Landor do it. I knew it was important, but I didn't know how to approach it. And I didn't know how to write it! Brand Like a Boss gave me everything I needed to confidently advise my clients on 360° branding and actually start winning high-ticket mandates. It's been a gift for my business, I've raised my prices by 70%!"

Mark, Design Consultant, London

Secure early bird access and 90% off today.

The early bird doesn't just get the worm; it gets the best tools at the best price. 🎟


Meaning the complete program, 7 free bonuses, a free masterclass and 90% off the normal price. But hurry! You have to jump on the list before March 21! 


Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Be among the first to revolutionize your branding approach.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 | Manelik S. of Ultrabrand

This is me receiving the 2023 Entrepreneurship Award in Geneva, in recognition of my commitment to supporting local entrepreneurship. On the left is Mr Adolf Ogi, former President of Switzerland, and on the right is the MD of EU Business School.

Yours truly.

Hello there!


I'm Manelik, the visionary behind Ultrabrand and your guide on the journey to branding wonderland. With a career spanning over 25 years, I've navigated the realms of multinational corporations and leading agencies, ascending to senior executive roles and amassing a trove of experience and accolades.


As an awarded brand designer and strategist, entrepreneur, and lecturer in brand identity, luxury brand management, and dual branding at prestigious MBA programs across Geneva, Munich, and Barcelona, my mission has evolved beyond the helm of my agency.


Today, my focus is dual: guiding CEOs behind the scenes through strategic branding and empowering passionate designers, boutique agencies, and marketers with the knowledge they crave.


My journey has revealed a critical gap—the absence of a structured, profound methodology in branding that seamlessly integrates strategic planning with verbal and visual identity. This gap often bars talented designers and growing agencies from securing substantial projects and achieving deserved recognition.


My methodology, born from years of refinement and a transformative $600k first project win to validate it during my tenure at a boutique design consultancy in Switzerland, has been my secret weapon. It's a comprehensive approach that has propelled me to international acclaim and now, and I want it to be your secret weapon too.


"Brand Like a Boss" is not a course; it's a workhorse. 💥


Designed for designers, copywriters, and boutique agencies eager to elevate their game, this working resource and toolkit is your gateway to high-ticket branding clients.


It promises clarity, understanding, and strategic depth, ensuring your designs are not just seen but valued and understood by marketers.


And because we're in 2024, "Brand Like a Boss" leverages on AI and streamlines the process, delivering solid results that speak volumes to your marketer clients in a snap.


Join me, and let's redefine branding together.


Best Brand Evolution

Best Implementation of a Rebrand

Best Rebrand in the Financial Services Sector

Best Corporate Rebrand to Reflect Changed Mission

Best Creative Strategy

Entrepreneur of the Year

A call to arms.

🚀 Let's say it like it is, this is your moment to redefine what's possible in your career.


With "Brand Like a Boss", you can elevate your capabilities without studying for months or engaging in tasks you don't like, position your services at the industry's zenith, and embrace projects that once seemed beyond reach.

With "Brand Like a Boss", you can finally turn ambitious visions into convincing pitches and tangible successes, one brand at a time.

Ultrabrand | Brand Like a Boss Online Program

The blueprint from preparation to delivery.

⚠️ You're not a writer? No problem. You're not a marketer? No problem. You're not even a designer? No problem either (well, almost.)

"Brand Like a Boss" offers a step-by-step guide and actionable toolkit that demystifies the branding process, from the initial concept through to final, real-world delivery.

This comprehensive approach ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle and deliver branding projects from A to Z with confidence.

Learn to navigate client consultations, develop cohesive brand strategies, and execute verbal and visual identities that stand out in the competitive market.


Perfect for freelance designers, agencies, consultants, and marketers, our program is designed to elevate your skills and set you apart as a leader in branding.

It simply works.

🎯 Unlock the full potential of your branding projects with "Brand Like a Boss". Every module in this structured program transforms the complex process of brand development into a straightforward, step-by-step pathway.


Benefit from enhanced simplicity, exceptional quality of output, and accelerated execution. Experience the difference as we guide you from foundational theory to practical application, culminating in instant, justifiable results ready for client presentation!

The home run for boutique agencies and freelancers.

Specifically designed for the ambitious freelance designer, forward-thinking agency, insightful consultant, and innovative marketer, "Brand Like a Boss" is your pathway to becoming an undisputed expert in branding and deliver on it.

"Brand Like a Boss" not only enhances your design capabilities by bringing depth to it; it also enriches your strategic thinking, enabling you to offer full-spectrum branding solutions to high-ticket clients. 🚀


By bridging the gap between verbal conception, visual design and brand strategy, and helping you produce it in a snap, it enables you to unlock new business opportunities and elevate your projects from good to unforgettable.

Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand

What you get:

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive online program, meticulously crafted to redefine your branding capabilities.


"Brand Like a Boss" is an unparalleled adventure through 41 meticulously crafted modules, accompanied by 7 exclusive bonuses and expert insights, each poised to elevate your skill set and strategic approach, and deliver in minutes.

Throughout the program, you'll uncover both the theoretical foundation and the actionable tools of all 41 pivotal elements of branding. We provide you with an immersive learning experience and a streamlined production process, featuring:

In-depth Tutorials: Step-by-step guides that walk you through each concept with clarity and precision.

Real-world Examples: Insights into how renowned brands have successfully implemented these strategies.

External Resources: Curated links to further your understanding and application of each topic.

AI-Powered Assistance: Tailored ChatGPT prompts designed to perform the heavy lifting—whether it’s crafting compelling positioning statements or generating creative proposals—ensuring your outputs are aligned with the strategic foundation laid in previous sections.

But there’s more. 💥


As you progress through "Brand Like a Boss", you'll not only master a structured and comprehensive methodology but also arm yourself with persuasive arguments to present and sell this innovative approach to your clients.

"Brand Like a Boss" isn’t just about enhancing your skills—it’s about transforming you into a confident strategist, equipped to guide your clients through a dynamic branding process with ease and expertise.


Dive into "Brand Like a Boss" and discover the power of structured creativity. Elevate from a freelance designer or marketing consultant to a branding visionary, ready to command the market and captivate your clients.

Ultrabrand | Brand Like a Boss Online Program

It can be in your hands soon.

🏆 Dive into an award-winning branding methodology that positions you at the forefront of brand strategy and identity design, and make it yours.


We all know that visual design isn't enough to create a strong brand – you need a comprehensive approach to strategy before that. And a solid strategy is all about the methodology.


That's where "Brand Like a Boss" comes in... literally leaving quick AI logo and brand kit generators in the dust. 🤖 This is not a competition you need to fear anymore.


"Brand Like a Boss" takes a comprehensive approach to branding, the exact same process that we use with multi-million dollar clients, covering everything from the preparation phase to the strategic brand core, and then all of the writing and design of the brand identity.


The thing is, with "Brand Like a Boss" you can do it all with ease in a couple of days – not months. 💨


Instantly, you'll get the knowledge, tools and prompts to define a brand target audience, create a powerful strategy platform, write a consistent brand history, conduct a competitor analysis, and develop a brand persona, positioning, tagline, values, attributes, brand tone and brand lexicon, brand architecture, and much, much more.

"Brand Like a Boss" distills years of industry insights into actionable strategies and creative techniques, ensuring you can craft brands that not only look spectacular but also resonate on a deeper level with the target audience.

Ultrabrand | Brand Like a Boss Online Program

Probably your best career investment ever.

Transform your career with "Brand Like a Boss" and unlock your branding superpowers today.


This investment in your future is designed to be accessible while offering you the tools, knowledge, and support needed to elevate your business and craft to new heights with ease, professionalism and flexibility.


Whether you're a solo freelancer or part of a dynamic agency, "Brand Like a Boss" provides unparalleled value, empowering you to deliver full branding programs with confidence and creativity.


Join us and beyond logos, start crafting a future now!

💸 💸 💸

"Remember that every time you don't take action, someone else makes money."

Brand Like a Boss VIP Package

Secure your early bird access, free bonuses, and 90% off the normal price today!

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you approach branding and design? 🚀


Dive into our early bird VIP Package for "Brand Like a Boss" and unlock 7 exclusive bonuses designed to skyrocket your branding expertise, a free masterclass, plus 90% off the normal price with the VIP coupon you'll get in your inbox on the day of the launch. 🎟


Just save your spot by Thursday March 21, and embark on a journey to elevate your branding superpowers with unparalleled resources and insights. 🏆

Early bird free bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Expert Naming Tips - Discover the art of crafting memorable and impactful brand names that stick in your audience's mind.

  • Bonus 2: Expert Brand Management Tips - Master the strategies for maintaining brand consistency across all channels, ensuring your brand's longevity and relevance.

  • Bonus 3: Expert Brand Language Tips - Learn to articulate your brand's essence with compelling narratives and messages that resonate deeply with your target audience.

  • Bonus 4: Design Resources - Gain access to a curated collection of design tools and assets that will streamline your creative process and enhance your outputs.

  • Bonus 5: Expert Brand Designer Tips - Elevate your design skills with insider insights from seasoned brand designers, refining your approach to meet and exceed industry standards.

  • Bonus 6: Branding The Five Senses - Explore innovative ways to engage all five senses in your branding strategy, creating a memorable and immersive experience for your clients.

  • Bonus 7: Fluid Design - Stay ahead of the curve with strategies for adaptable and flexible design approaches that respond to evolving market trends and consumer needs.

Plus an exclusive free Masterclass:

In addition to these bonuses, Early Bird registrants will gain exclusive access to our free masterclass, "The Power of Dual Branding". 


This insightful session is dedicated to unveiling the dynamic strategy of blending your personal brand with your company brand, creating a powerful synergy that amplifies market presence and impact.


Learn how to leverage the strengths of both to establish a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience, enhancing trust and loyalty.


This masterclass will guide you through the nuances of dual branding, offering practical tips on how to seamlessly integrate and market your personal and company brands for maximum effect.


🎟 Our early bird VIP Package is your golden ticket to not just learning, but mastering the art of branding on a daily basis.

With these resources at your disposal, you'll be equipped to craft brands that not only stand out but also stand the test of time.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your brand-building approach and position yourself as a leader in the design and branding industry.

Secure your spot now and start your journey to branding excellence with "Brand Like a Boss." 💥🚀


Remember, early bird registrations are only open until March 21—your time to shine is NOW!

After that, "Brand Like a Boss" will still be available, but at a higher price and without bonuses.

Dual Branding Masterclass | Ultrabrand
Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand
Brand Like a Boss by Ultrabrand